"Rei Lear" no Young Vic

Em Londres, no Young Vic, o nomeado para Óscar, Pete Postlethwaite está a interpretar o papel de Rei Lear para casas completamente esgotadas num espectáculo para o qual a crítica tem sido unânime.

“This is extraordinary theatre. The staging is as thorough as it is inventive; bursting with wit and constantly switching between intimate to epic…wit and black humour make the moments of poignancy all the more moving…The supporting cast is universally excellent.” CRITIC'S CHOICE
Time Out

“Goold brilliantly dislodges the play from the daunting realms of the mythic where it too often nests and gives it instead the compelling, accessible-to-all stamp of a quality soap opera. Rich, detailed, and highly recommended.”
The Evening Standard

“It is gripping, inventive, assured – and revelatory…the journey Postlethwaite takes is beautifully shaded: by turns semi-serious, pensive and pained...another feather in Goold's cap.”
The Telegraph

“Thrilling, funny, illuminating...Postlethwaite is great...it’s performed with pace and wit by a strong cast. Amanda Hale’s vampish, pregnant Goneril and Michael Colgan’s wheedling Duke of Albany make a particularly striking couple.”
The Times

“This staging emerges as a raw and gripping account of this dark play...It is a radical approach and one that keeps you on your toes throughout.”
Financial Times

“Rupert Goold’s superb production purrs along like a blood-spattered sportscar…rain, snipers, and bloody effects whip the action at a terrific pace.”
The London Paper

Marcações 020 7922 2922 (10.00- 18.00, Segunda a Sábado)


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