Audições "Fura dels Baus"

La Fura dels Baus Audition is looking for 8 female performers in the leading roles of the next fura language play "Imperium" (to be premiered in Bejiing (China) the 1-st of May,2007).

Requirements: Age : 18 to 40 years old, labour situation: legalized
Avaliability: For an international tour of two years long.
Sex: female
Physical condition and acting skills an advantage

Selection process: The selection will take place in two fases. Come with your CV and work outfit.
First fase: Bruxelles: 15 th february 2007 Espace Demeer, Rue Charles Demeer 5, B-1020 Bruxelles.
Second fase: Barcelona: 22nd to the 24th february 2007

Please Contact La fura dels baus at: to arrange time of audition.
We'll email your definitive audition shedule arround the 12th of february.
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